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Moments of Glory!

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2004 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon: Boston Qualifier

Congrats from fellow marathoners

Hey Ray, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ray ran Chicago on Sunday in 3:19, qualifying him for BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Way to go RAY!!!
Lori Loco

Awesome job, Ray! We knew you could do it!!
Chris J.

GREAT JOB!!!!! Doing 800 miles a week paid off!
Rich S.

From one "Ray" to another, Great Run--for you and for those fighting Arthritis!!
Falcon Ray

Ray - Congratulations!! That's an awesome marathon time!!
Barbara H.

Hats off and thumbs up for Ray Chris.....get me a tshirt that says " i love fast women" i guess that was your trick right?
Sam [our Kenyan runner].

Congratulation to club member Ray Christensen, 42, who ran the Chicago Marathon yesterday in a chiptime of 3:19:46(gun- 3:21:10) to qualify for the Boston Marathon.
Coach Dave

Congratulations! That was a lot faster than you told me you were hoping to run, and you goal wasn't anythng shabby either. That really was a huge chunck of time to knock off of you Paris time. Feel good about yourself, take some time off, and treat yourself to a massage. I guess there's no question that you'll be running another and which one that will be. Bring your medal next Thursday if you don't mind.

Ray can design a site for you!

Is Boston next????
Great time! Congratulations...I'm sure you're thrilled. I couldn't find your time on the official web site so I had to register as a new member on the Chicago Tribune site to find your time. I heard from coach Amy you were shooting for 3:30 so 11 minutes off that is awesome.
Scot L.

Congrats RayChris! Great running! 3:19 also qualifies you for 87 new beer bottles!

Congratulations Ray!

you are incredible! way to go!!!!!!
Swifty [Julie]

Great job Ray! Now, get back to work and get ready for Boston (an entirely different experience).
I hope you had as much fun in Chicago as I did. It is one of the few marathons that I wouldn't mind running a second time. You had good conditions for the race?
Don R. [Paris roommate]

Hello, Rebel Runners,
Congrats to Ray for his qualifying marathon! Great job. Good luck to Karen and Chris for their marathons this weekend in Baltimore.
The General

You the man. Now I have motivation to get back in shape.
Mike L. [Paris airport buddy]

CONGRATS to all of you ! You have made the Arthritis Foundation E.PA Chapter proud.
Cheryl H. [J.I.M. coordinator]

Hey Ray!
You are the man! I am just as proud of you! WELL DONE! Great to hear the trip to Chicago was worth it! Thursday, I leave for Dublin as the coach of the team in New York...
Mike G. [former J.I.M. coordinator]

YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Watch out Kenyans!!! Congrats on a great race. Joey and I also ran the Steamtown Marathon on Oct.10th, we had great weather too on a beautiful and fast course. Joey ran a 3:43 and I PR'd by 5min. running 3:06:44. It looks like I'll be seeing you in Boston. You should go up on the local bus, it is alot of fun and you can't beat the price. Doug W. puts the trip together.
Happy Running,
Amy [Marathon Man's first running coach - J.I.M. Team Delaware]

Congrats, Ray!! Can't wait to see you in the Boston marathon too.!
Dave H. [Matlack]

congrats, ray! on to boston!
BARBARA [cousin]

Congratulations!!!!!!!! I am very envious of your times as I am still looking for my sub 4 hour marathon.
Looking forward to hearing about Boston. Go for it!!!!!
God Bless
Larry [Navy shipmate]

WOW! Congratulations, Ray!!!! That is awesome :) Very proud of you and can't wait to see how you do in Boston! Good luck and stay warm on your runs. Do you still train at Delcastle??
Staci [former J.I.M. teammate]

Congrats on your successful race and thanks for the plug.
Mark S. [Kings Point classmate]

Dear Ray,
Congratulations on a super speedy time . . . and on qualifying for Boston. I hope you keep us all updated on the viewing possibilities as it approaches.
And if you're in for some winter training in better weather, I'd be happy to go running with you again in CA.
best wishes,
kate [cousin]

Congrats--it's a terrific achievement. I did 3:30 and was in the top 13%. I loved the NYC marathon and nothing compares to it!!!!!!! Stay well Ray and keep on keeping on. GO BUSH!!
John G. [Kings Point classmate]

Chicago Marathon course map
Chicago Marathon course map

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Emil Zatopek

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