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  Chicago Marathon 2004 New York City Marathon 2003 Boston Marathon medal 2005 Caesar Rodney Half Marathon 2007 Anchorage 2003 Marathon Man Ray Christensen
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My 26.2 Mile Races:
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Ray runs 2008 Delaware Distance Classic 15K
Photo by Stew Whisenant

Running Journal of Ray Christensen

Running has become my passion, since I began in 2002.
I hope this site can be motivational for anyone who visits. Email me with questions or comments.   My race highlights:

May 2013: 23rd marathon was rainy, windy & cold in Vermont, where Mom came to watch!

Sept 2010: Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon in Va. Beach (with some Rebel Runners buddies.

April 2009: Joined elite athletes to run the Boston Marathon, placing in top 30% of age group.

January 2009: Survived the Goofy Challenge at Disneyworld.

May 2008: 3:13:12 personal record at New Jersey Marathon in my 12th 26.2 mile race!   2nd place in age group!

Please invite your friends to visit my site.   Hydrate properly, run facing traffic and stretch after workouts.   Happy running!                            

Why I Became a Runner

Philly Distance Run:
Ray Christensen finishes PDR '03

My initial reasons for participating in Joints in Motion Training Team:

  1. Challenge – to see how fit I can be at age 39+1
  2. Focus – to set a goal for the year
  3. Team – to be part of a close-knit group
  4. Athlete – to participate in an organized sport
  5. Charity – to help a worthy cause financially/inspirationally
  6. Family – to make this effort in honor of my father
  7. Social – to meet new people with a common interest
  8. Event – to participate in a major running event
  9. Travel – to visit someplace new with friends
  10. Convenient – main training area is my "home track"
  11. Self-Esteem – to accomplish something special

Running for a Cause: The Adventure Begins

In 2002, I turned 40 and noticed an article in a local newsletter to "train for a marathon in Dublin".

I had never jogged more than 3 miles, but the offer included a coach and teammates to run with. It helped that the Arthritis Foundation "Joints in Motion" coach was an attractive lady and that we'd do training runs at a park near my home! In exchange for over $3,000 of fundraising, the trip to Ireland, gear and parties would be included.

I ran in honor of my father, who was having a shoulder replacement due to severe arthritis. Never having been involved in organized athletics (including high school sports teams or even little league baseball), I was excited to be a real athlete and have the comradery of teammates.
...Ray's 2002 training log


Ray's father
My Arthritis Foundation race singlet honors Dad

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"We are different, in essence, from other men. If you want to win something, run 100 meters. If you want to experience something, run a marathon."

Emil Zatopek

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